Plastic Surgery Proposal

What Is It?

A Campaign That Will Keep Your Practice On Top

  • Do you want to be different than all the other practices out there?


  • Would more respect and credibility hurt your practice?


  • Would evolving first and having happier more satisfied customers be something you guys could use?

Proof It Works

How Others Are Doing It

Case Studies

You may have heard of Dr. Miami and how he broadcasts his surgeries for everyone to see on his snapchat and Instagram.


Since his takeoff a few others in the medical profession have followed in his foot-steps and they all add their own unique personalities to their videos and stories.


So I ask you too... Why not?


The professionals in the case study below all started out with only a few followers, but then grew as the days went on with adoring fans all over the world. With pretty much no effort or change and all they did was start documenting what they loved.


Pretty soon they gained worldwide recognition and began to